Abe’s Young Years

Growing up with the Indians, Abe was treated well. However, he couldn’t help but notice his that he was a little different than the rest. While all of his little Indian friends were dark skinned with long, jet black hair, he was a pale, freckle-faced boy with a shock of red hair, but Abe hardly noticed. Like any young Indian boy, he loved fishing, exploring, and looking forward to the day when he would be able to start hunting.

Abe was raised by the family who nursed him back to health. His Indian father eventually became the chief of the tribe and was a mighty leader. Abe’s life, though different than it would have been with his biological family, was good, and he loved life.

As Abe reached his mid teens, he began to wonder what it would be like to live as a white man. He had seen the white settlers during his adventures, and he was curious about their lives. Though he was happy, he was also very curious about his people.

One day, an old trapper came to the Indian village to trade furs. Abe always enjoyed talking with the trappers and practicing his English. This day, however, he did not recognize the trapper. However, as Abe got to talking with this trapper, he learned that he had been acquainted with his family long ago before they had perished in the fire. Abe was disappointed to learn that the trapper had not known his family well and could not give him much information about his family.

After this encounter with the trapper, Abe knew he had to find out more about the white men who lived near him. He had to find out whether he belonged with the white men or the Indians. While he was thankful that he had been rescued from that cabin fire when he was 6 months old and being raised by the Indians, he was full of curiosity and was determined to found out where he belonged.

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