Abe and the Bears

When Abe was a young boy, legend has it that he had a habit of running off into the woods. He was a fearless child who loved adventure. His mother would get angry with him because he would run off without telling anyone. Sometimes he was gone for days on end, and no one would hear from him. One time, on one such adventure, Abe had an encounter with a bear.

The thing about Abe was he had always had a somewhat dangerous curiosity about bears. He would go search for bears, especially looking for mama bears with cubs just so he could watch them. Of course, that is a dangerous pursuit, but Abe didn’t care. One time, he even found some motherless cubs and brought them back to the village to raise them. Legend has it that those bear cubs would come visit him every so often, even after he turned them loose in the wild. In general, Abe was a friend to the bears.

One day, however, Abe came upon a grizzly bear. Grizzlies were rare in the area where he lived, and he had never seen one before. He had heard stories of their ferocity, but he didn’t really believe them. He was somewhat of a bear whisperer, and bears of all kinds liked him. This wasn’t the case with the grizzly bear.

When Abe came upon the grizzly bear, he stopped to watch it as he did all other bears. However, the grizzly bear charged at him to attack. Abe had his spear with him and used it on the bear, but it was not to be deterred. With each pierce of the spear, the bear became angrier and more fierce. Abe was sure he had met his match this time.

Just when Abe thought he was going to lose this battle, one of the cubs he had raised came charging through the woods. When it saw that Abe was in danger, it charged toward the grizzly and attacked it. The grizzly fought back, but he no longer cared that Abe was there. As Abe backed away in dismay, the other cub he had raised came charging at the grizzly as well. Together, Abe’s bear cubs saved him from the attack and killed the grizzly bear so he would never bother Abe again.

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